Bob haircut was first invented in 1910 but it gained popularity in 1920 and since then it is in fashion. Every year new forms of bob haircuts are seen but basic hairstyle remains the same. There are many types of bob hairstyle like short bob hairstyle. Inverted bob haircuts, asymmetrical bob haircuts, sleek bob haircuts, choppy bob haircuts, classy bob haircuts and layered bob haircuts.

Layered bob haircuts are very trendy and they are best suitable for straight hairs. However if you have wavy or curly hairs then you must not try layered bob haircuts 2013 as they will make your hairstyle more puffy. Different kinds of layers can be added in this hairstyle like short, chopper layers to gentle long layers.

Short layers help in adding volume while long layers add flow. Usually bob hairstyles are about chin length but people are doing experiments with bob hairstyles and many opt for short bob haircuts. However, short bob haircuts require regular trimming so that it remains in perfect place. If you want to make them neat looking then you must follow blow drying and straightening.
Layered bob haircuts  - Layered bob hairstyles
Longer bob are very graceful. If they cut properly, they will give shine and fluidity to the hairstyle. Long bobs are suitable for women with round or flat faces or women having wavy or curly hairs. Bob haircuts is very popular because it is versatile and is suitable for all face shapes. Many celebrity are carrying bob style and they prefer to carry it in their red carpets.
Layered bob haircuts  - Layered bob hairstyles
The deciding factor in determining total layers in the hairstyle is total length of hairs but greater the number of layers, greater will be time required for its maintenance. Among other short layered hairstyles is included razor cut. It is so named because in this hairstyle, razor is used to cut the ends and to shape the ends of the hairs instead of scissors so that ends can be made more pointed.
Layered bob haircuts  - Layered bob hairstyles
However this hairstyle is not suitable for everyone especially if you have fine hairs because it will make your hairs looking finer. Pixie cut is also short layered hairstyle and there are many types of pixie cut like standard pixie cut, choppy cut and shaggy cut. Your facial features are accentuated with really short hairs but if you are not comfortable with these hairstyles then these are not best for you. So you must choose your hairstyle with great care. 
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